things i miss when out of the country [part 1]

the things i would do to you for some buffalo sauce right now.  i can even begin to describe. it could be on anything: chicken, beef, turkey… bacon!  I don’t care!  I really don’t.  I would drink it in a cup.  I’d put it in my coffee.  I’d put it on toast like jam.

and i’m only 75% joking when i say, i would gladly slather it on my skin and let it burn for a few minutes.  like if you showed up RIGHT now and offered me a couple of buffalo chicken tenders but said I had to use the excess sauce to exfoliate — I’d do it in a heartbeat (it’d probably be really effective).

my Brooklyn people know about a spot called Wing Wagon on 7th Avenue and Flatbush.  And if you’re wondering where I’ll be the night of Monday, November 22nd, you need look no further than that.  i’ll be gorging myself on hotwings.*







*strictly speaking Wing Wagon doesn’t make buffalo wings.  but they’re in the same damned family, i assure you.


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pianist, composer, singer, writer. hater.
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