Back in Brooklyn

its good to be home.  Just about 10 days since returning to Brooklyn — and I still feel really good about being back.  having trouble getting my blogging chops up, but I am working mad hard.  with a Writers-In-Performance show about to go up at the BMCC TriBeCa Performing Arts Center, I’ve been in rehearsal every night this week.  Tomorrow and Friday are the shows.  I spend my days working through stacks of mail from my absence and trying to organize my December/January calendar so that I don’t double-book everything.

shit — its just good to be working.  i can remember some recent Decembers where I spent most of my time just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.  this year, I’m working every weekend until Christmas and then playing at least one gig a night everyday from the 27th to the 1st.  Now that’s working, my friends.

Also, trying to get back into writing shape so I can blog with regularity at and  I had it balanced for a while, but then October was so hectic leading up to being out of the country and the election and so forth.  its just been a shit show.

Had a rehearsal yesterday with the magnanimous Stassia and the Stassia band (read: former Foundation members Geoffrey Wilson and Kyle Jaster).  it funny how you can go a way for just a few weeks, but when you play the same thing every night.  just one band’s music — you get really good at that stuff and come back to find you’ve forgotten a lot of the nuance of other stuff.  normally my schedule is so varied, I don’t have to worry about that.  but coming off of the St. Barth’s gig, i’ve been playing some serious catch up.

looks like that’s about it.  been listening to Charles Ives’ Psalm 90 a lot since this weekend.  not sure why he came up or why that piece in specific… but it takes me back to Junior year at Bard when I was taking modern music analysis with Kyle Gann.  all i did was practice, convert scores into numbers, and listen to recordings.  now… if I could find those Hindemith choral pieces — I’d be in hog heaven.

maybe youtube knows something?


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