At Decade’s End (or approaching it, at least)

I sit here — its 4am on a Sunday morning — thinking on all the many trials and tribulations, the blessings and hopes that the last ten years have brought.  This evening I played once again at the lovely Falcon Arts Center in Marlboro, NY (opening tonight for Jean-Michel Pilc, Francios Moutin, Ari Hoenig, and Joel Fram…).  Was it only seven years ago that Nina Simone passed away and I got the auspicious invitation to participate in a memorial in Marlboro, NY?  The night I met not only Tony Falco (founder of the Falcon) but Dean Sharp and Brad Mehldau!  It was a heavy evening.

Now I look back in wonder at the innocent bumbling-ness of those times.  Here we sit on the verge of 2011 (just as I remember sitting on the very of 2001 ten years ago, looking down the pike at five more months of High School and then on to the great unknown).  If  you have occasion to sometimes be still and sit alone and think of where you were ten years ago, you may discover yourself blown away by the way things have run.

A life in music is a life in flux (and not only because of the supposed “flux-state” musicians are supposed to take on when caught up in performance) and now I guess I’m just as uncertain about the future as I was in 2001.  But here and now: I am an altogether different person.  Indeed — an altogether different man.  Things worth thinking on.. in the stillness of the moments just before an early winter’s fragile gloaming.

December will be a busy month.  Lots of parties, lots of rehearsals, and lots of cleaning (I like to do my purging in the winter as opposed to spring).  Next week I am playing my first gig with a vintage R&B/Soul band called The Corner Club (on Friday night at Southpaw in Brooklyn).  Also gonna fit in a couple of jazz duo hits with bassist extraordinaire Ari Folman-Cohen.  Playing a triad of private holiday parties with the Jon Bates Band in the weekends leading up to Christmas (one of them is in Newport News, VA!).

And if you’re in the city after christmas, you can catch me on consecutive days –28th, 29th, and 30th — with the ever-soulful Arthur Lewis & The Geniuses, funk-mob stylings of the Kickdown, and the reduction.stutter.funk revolution that is Aabaraki.

On New Years Eve?  Well, who knows.  I could wind up anywhere.


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pianist, composer, singer, writer. hater.
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