winter cleaning

yes.  i know, most folks like to purge in the winter.  but not I, dear reader: I like to let things fester come spring (it is the time for growing).  Winter, on the other hand, is the cold and stark season.  what could be better than the sound of stiff broom’s bristles on a dry wood floor in the still, grey vacuum of a winter’s afternoon?  I’ll tell you: nothing!

…except the sound of a wood match being lit and lifted to a perfectly ready maduro cigar… by the broom handler.

in other words: I LOVE WINTER!

now, as far as cleaning goes, this is going to be a serious uphill battle.  my general inability to be around the house due to a queer schedule coupled with the routine series of unfortunate mishaps that befall my day-to-day existence (such as, when the drain for the building backed up into MY bathtub a few months ago) have made the apartment in to a Picasso of dirty clothes, old mail, finished and discarded books, Gatorade bottles, and burned CDs.  Its a mess.  Not to mention, my recent near month-long trip out of the country.

its a shambles here.  and part of my intention for this week (when i’m not working every night) will be to get this damned house in order.  and toward that end… I will, in my next post, apply a little internal pressure on myself by posting a few roughly taken “before” shorts of the various parts of the apartment here.  that way, when things have been cleaned and cleared away — i will not be able to half-step and call it clean if it ain’t.

and that, my dear friends, is the words of the day.


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pianist, composer, singer, writer. hater.
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