Alone at The Falcon (from December 4th) **MUSIC**

very soon after getting back from St. Barths, I found myself in one of my most favorite and familiar old haunts: the Falcon Arts Center in Marlboro, NY. The proprietor of that establishment — a one Tony Falco — has got to be one of the greatest, coolest arts patrons in the country. if you ever find yourself in Marlboro, NY on a thursday, friday, saturday, or even sunday — drop by and see if the Falcon is open. you’re sure to hear some of the most wonderful music. and admission is donation only. if you’ve got the bread, you can get yourself a grade-A meal, there’s a super cool wait-staff, and he always has a featured local and LIVING artist up on the walls.

at any rate, I got the chance to open up for Jean Michel-Pilc on the 4th of December. it was a beautiful, crisp wintry hudson valley night. and i had the great fortune of thinking to record my set. now, what follows is basically my set from that night. I took out a few numbers (like one of my alienLoveSongs… which i’d rather present as a finished work than piecemeal on various live recordings), but otherwise did no mastering or mixing or anything.

it is simply me alone on the stage with a piano and a microphone — and the ardent hope that I’d get through the set without dropping any wrong notes or bad lyrics. and I got lucky.


akie bermiss… Alone at the Falcon by Akie Bermiss


About akiebermiss

pianist, composer, singer, writer. hater.
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