in the New Year, its everyday we struggle

…i had the opportunity to speak briefly with one of America’s greatest unknown young intellectuals and humorists: Mr. Walker Swain. a good friend from college, a gentleman of North Carolina, and one of the finest people i know. in our discussion, we made rough plans to see each other early in the new year and catch up. then we began to talk about working. we chuckled at ourselves for still being concerned with getting things done even on New Year’s Eve when the point of all is supposed to be care-free (but deeply sentimental) revelry.

but Mr. Swain and i are of a type who acknowledge that the world is billions of years old. that, in some sense, this is not the year 2011 (as it really only IS the year 2011 in ONE sense) but more accurately the year 4500000000.

so get up off your ass. 2000 years? please. that’s the primer version of history (although, in looking up the age of the earth to confirm it, i did discover that the Wikipedia inventory has a decidedly Western bent on the matter). we got work to do, people. not gonna be here all day.

for myself, there’s a record to make, an soul-narrative to compose (with the aid of Shapel Mallard and Michael Bonviso), there’s more aabaraki on its way to you, GhostStar, and the project with Stassia & Co, and the Debbie Major project (with Jon Bates & Co)… and that’s just what i can think of off-hand.  2011 is the year when we pick up the slack.  so its been a funky decade, America.  I hear you.

we've got work to do, people...

Now, get back to work.  Its the first minute of a new day.


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pianist, composer, singer, writer. hater.
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4 Responses to in the New Year, its everyday we struggle

  1. The Badassador says:

    lord akie! i love this! but i’m pissed i can’t find the button/link/thing where i can subscribe and get notifications of your latest posts. help me out, dude.

    • akiebermiss says:

      if it isn’t the Badassador of bodegaexpress! yeah, i didn’t figure that out til just now. i mean, i think, if you sign in to your wordpress account and come back to the page you can “subscribe” to the blog. otherwise, i just added RSS feeds to my sidebar?!

      and also… i’m adding Bodega Express to my blogroll.


      • The Badassador says:

        LOL! ’tis i indeed! 😉
        rss thing is cool. OMG thanks for adding the badassery of bodega express to your roll, that made my day
        p.s. lord akie, you’ve been on my blogroll since the days of moose soup. but now at the bodega you are sandwiched in between chomsky and carlin.
        not a bad place to be. . .

      • akiebermiss says:

        that *is* a pretty badass place to be! i reside there in contentment. blog on, badassador!

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