things outside of knowing [part i]

i really loaded this January with too much work.  not sure what the hell i was thinking.  probably i thought the more work, the better.  now, with not a single evening to myself, i am realizing that this is how people go insane.  like, i don’t think i’ve been sleeping well (or at all).  i wake up in the morning, clean myself, and leave the apartment before 9.  this would be fine and dandy if I was getting back in at like 5 or 6.  but I’m tending not to get home until after midnight.

so i’m in my apartment for like 5 hours of every day.  FIVE!  can you even begin to imagine how often I’m using public toilets?!  catching a few minutes of sleep in my car?  eating on the run?  its heaven and its misery.  there’s nothing quite like it.

on top of that, i’ve started working on an stage adaptation of The Wizard of Oz with Mr. Jesse Myerson.  we’re doing strange things to the story and the music.  and its going to be an intense musical project… starting with taking the incredibly complex and mostly wonderful orchestrations of the movie and trying to simplify them down to a  more manageable form for an extremely independent production.

apart from that, we just had another semi-big snow storm in the city (9 inches).  it started last night around 9, as i was leaving rehearsal with Soulkhan and Aabaraki for SK’s gig on Thursday at Crash Mansion.  by the time I came out from my gig at the soon-to-be-shutdown Rose, there was nearly a half foot down (this was at about 1am).  i drove home in that shit.

it was crazy.

anyhow, i lived to tell the tale.



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