notes from the homeland: the miracle worker.

Ridge Streets Miracle Worker

ms. Trindle before the throng

I don’t have so much to write — just a picture and some brief thoughts.  pictured above is the scene at the Ridge Street School in Newark, NJ as music teacher (and my good friend from Bard) Karen Trindle rallies her musical troops and deftly conducts observing classes and proud parents to find their seats.  the performance is moments from beginning.

now it was some two and half years ago that Ms. Trindle started at Ridge Street and began building the music department up from ostensible (if not perfect) nothingness. it was the end of that school-year (June 2010) that she first called upon me to come in and play for the kids during their Spring Concert.

since then, i have played two spring concerts, two holiday concerts, and a Black History month show with those children.  I’ve seen a couple senior classes come and go and I’ve seen Karen start a recorder program, a guitar program, a bell choir, a violin program!  and all have been gradually incorporated into the big concerts.

so i thought it was important to take a snapshot of this moment as Karen begins the first big show of her third year at the school.  here she is before a writhing mass of children in their red shirts ready to sing for their parents and peers.

its not unlike Genesis.  from the face of the waters of the void are called forth sudden *things* which are added to the system of the emerging universe to create friction and heat and force and action and set all time in motion.

here, there was the inchoate idea of a music teacher.  here, karen soared upon the face of the deep and knew it.  and she called its name.  and then she made sudden unique and seemingly disparate entities.  and then she made them into a mega-organism.  that now begins to grow and mutate not only under her strongly supportive guidance but perhaps also of its own accord.

here, she made a music PROGRAM. and she saw and she saw that it was good.



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