2011 Retrospectives [part ii]:the Bosslady Chronicles

another interesting musical development this year was born from my collaborations with the one and only Stassia or, as I like to call her, the Bosslady.

actually looking back, I’m having a bit of trouble remembering where or when it all began. I know it was through a mutual musical friend that we first played together (but that person and his music will get their own little write up on the New Year side of these retrospectives) and it was a couple of years ago.  but, though my memory is usually quite good with these things, I don’t recall was it winter? was it fall?  it may even have been late summer.

at any rate, I started working with Stassia some time ago and the original intent was to convert her music (which was, at the time, almost entirely high-production style pop tracks) into something that a live band could play and she could start performing around.  so, because there are so many beginnings and some lead to grand new places and some go no where, I may not have noted the first time we all played.  but starting soon thereafter, I have kept copious records.  notes, rehearsal tapes, video of live performances, scraps of song written on napkins and the like.  i mean, there is enough material in what has already transpired to make a couple of records and maybe a musical.

but, since then, it has been refining and refining and refining.  somewhere along the way we began collaborating on song-writing.  indeed, one of my favorite songwriters to work with is the Bosslady.  she has an uncanny knack for simple yet urbane lyrics and strong melodic cadences.  combine that with my penchant for curious chord progressions and proto-soulfulness and you get something rather undefinable.

still, it was only in 2011 that we fully came to a place where the material began to develop its own voice.  we stripped away everything from the songs but the songs.  our sessions became simply Stassia at a microphone and myself at the piano.  and we wrote some songs and we took on some covers and we tweaked them a bit.  And then, in early summer, we began to play out with an acoustic trio.  and the rest is history [see my previous post Muscovy Above; and the Stars Below].

there is more to come, even now there are new songs on their way to completion and we’re looking at 2012 as a chance to solidify our reptoire and look into recording something.  while that is slow-cooking, there is some evidence of those sounds shaping up.  and if one is very quiet and listens for it — you may hear something in the making.

enjoy.  and have a happy new year.


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