independence day

there are, presently, fireworks blasting off all over the city.  certainly from my little 2nd story window, I can see/hear three separate firework events going down.  let alone the little street events that sort of successfully taking place.  its late, by my count: 20 of eleven.  and i’m shocked that things are still going on. but i guess everyone has different levels of party.

for me, Independence Day is a perfect way to divide the year in half.  while there are other, more natural temporal boundaries, 7/4 (if you’re American) just seems like the centerpiece of the year.  its like the opposite of New Years Day — but in a way quite similar.  for example: we can sort always remember the state we were in for New Years.  that is to say, whether you remember what/who you actually did on New Years, you will remember things like: “it was New Years Eve 2008, i was playing a gig upstate that i’d picked up at the last minute. was deeply depressed about my career but had just started an awesome new band.  i was dating so-and-so and they were looking for a new job.  had these green sneakers i really loved wearing…”

you remember who you were and how you were in general.  and I’d argue that the same is somewhat true for Independence Day.  its halfway through the year, you’re usually either saying its been good or hoping the rest of it will be.  you are kind of taking stock of the year before moving on to the latter half.  trying to figure out if you need to course-correct in order to make your state-of-self as good as possible for the New Years episodes.

if i look back — its been a bumpy ride.  both low and mean and empty as well as high, productive, and full of grace.  its hard to predict what exactly is going to happen.  you just keep on living.  keeping plowing forward.

hosted my first soiree/salon last night.  we drank negroni and eureekas, and mint juleps — and we talked a lot of nonsense.  was a fine evening.  i think, despite what my introvert sense tells me, that I could do it again!


on that note: sleep is calling to me.  i should run to’t.


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pianist, composer, singer, writer. hater.
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