it is dangerous — very dangerous indeed! — to being writing this with the few minutes i have now.  i would be best served if I went to bed and woke up refreshed.  that would be great.  but here I am, writing from a Best Western in Manchester, NH.

there is something about these unfamiliar paces.  nothing like being alone in a hotel room, sitting on the edge of your bed.  in boxers.

if i were to succeed as an a artists, this would  be my lot  more nights than now.

at any rate, i share because no one is likely to hear it.  i go all out.

[nb: we left in all the typos because we feel the truest sense of this particular entry is the attempt to write something poignant through the thick fog of exhaustion.  from a noble thought to an ignoble end.]


About akiebermiss

pianist, composer, singer, writer. hater.
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2 Responses to enstranger

  1. La Toya says:

    HA! How excellent. The few times I was lucky enough to travel for singing, I thought being the hotel was the best part. Whereas a few other (opera) singers thought it was the WORST part because they felt alone. Hm.

  2. akiebermiss says:

    absolutely. you have to love the foreign-ness of it. the temporarity, if you will (i certainly did!). just did a gig in PA where I had a hotel room. for me, the hotel and the hotel hang with the band/performers is part and parcel of the on-the-road experience.

    and i *love* the alone time. reflect on the performance. gather your thoughts for the next hit. and nothing compliments a night of music so much as the reflective silence of a solitary night-cap.

    …and maybe a writing a blog post. the night time is the right time, son!

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