Triton’s Minions

last night at the Monday Night BackBar hang, we formed a writing collective called sparkle magic and proceeded to collectively write the selection below. we have shown great promise./code>

Tritons Minions [part one of one]

by sparkle magic

Under the sea in 1577, a great calamity befell the kingdom. At the Prince’s ball, a new operatic work was performed by noted singer-songwriter, Lee Mangello. But this particular day in 1577, Lee Mangello was battling a bad case of laryngitis. His squeaking voice could not let out a single sound. He then pulled five mice linked by their tails out of his throat and began to sing beautifully. Before anyone could hide their eyes fifty shining oysters entered through the windows w/ fiber optic wands and trapper-keeper shields.


this ends part one of one of Triton’s Minions.


About akiebermiss

pianist, composer, singer, writer. hater.
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4 Responses to Triton’s Minions

  1. arthurlewis says:

    What? How did I miss this?!

    • akiebermiss says:

      i think this was the early Monday hang, which I usually don’t get to hang with. they are more game playing, activities based. less… drinking, chilling based.

      • arthurlewis says:

        A subculture of a subculture of a subculture. (Did I miss one? Is the conversation at 7:15 even more thrilling than at 7:30?) Truly, this is New York living.

      • akiebermiss says:

        only Ms. Haverly truly knows the extent of the intellectual diversity and moves made. I am but an acolyte. a proselytizer. an apostle.

        a prophet.

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