st. barths jazz interludes

"you're gonna be big, kid.  Bigger than big!!!"

“you’re gonna be big, kid. Bigger than big!!!”

ain’t much to say.  the island life is utopic.  sun. hearth.  and nights cool but inviting.  there is living water everywhere.  living stone beneath our feet.  and the winds converge from several directions bringing all kinds of sound and scent.

still, one cannot rest all day long in the sun and put music behind oneself.  it is always there.  a need, a hunger, an indefatigable purpose.  and so, it is nothing odd for a couple folks to sit down and play just for the exercise of playing.  for the mental challenge. for the aesthetic joy.

one afternoon, Ari and I converged upon the beaten piano and nearly unplayable upright bass in the living room.  Mumbled a couple of tunes back and forth and played them.

what follows is two excerpts from that “session.” mind you, rum flowed freely, and i was puffing away at a cigar with great passion.  this is not meant to be polished*, so just take it in the spirit of jam.

between all that there is to offer and do and contemplate here — a couple of jazz interludes.


About akiebermiss

pianist, composer, singer, writer. hater.
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