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[notesfromtheroad] Aabaraki Minitour: I

This is a minitour.  Nothing fancy.  No airports or train-cars or helicopters (have I ever been in a helicopter?).  this is the weekend converted from time and light into music and distance.  We woke up Thursday and began all the … Continue reading

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akie against the sky; the heart is like a worm. [Corona & Modelo]

and I am becomes obsessed with names. more so than physical activity or the beauty of things of abstract nature. it seems names have become the very thing that I wonder on names. and words and power to become my … Continue reading

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2011 Retrospectives [part iii]:The Wrath of Soul Khan

i’ve known Soul Khan since he first arrived at as a freshman when I was a junior.  right away he wanted to jump into cyphers and get on stage with the band and so forth.  the kid was phenomenal. eventually … Continue reading

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soldiers live, and wonder why

obviously, we all suffer. we all face death and lose friends and loved-ones. but for many people, it is fully random or fate or divine will. but here in music, in art, on the outskirts of society… for we unhappy few, we are a — dare I say — fraternity of specialists who never expected to still be around. we all thought we’d go together.

and yet, he is gone and i: am here. Continue reading

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things outside of knowing [part iii]

there’s no reason not to, sometimes, and you find yourself contending with the gods. juggling thunder, spewing lightning, and pissing hot rain. often, its just part of regular everyday struggle. yes. and so it continues. day and night with out stop. the world spins, and the sun “comes up” and we wake up and we push the boulder up the hill. again. what else is there? when i was young i was captivated by the idea that there could be a question like: what is the meaning of life? huh? And then i wondered… well what IS the meaning of life?! i’ve had various answers over the years. it suffices. Continue reading

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