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Milestone. Dec 12, 2013

i came to St. Barths this year with the explicit intention of refocusing the heaviness of my mental regard (it is equal fault of muscled brain, thick skull, and prominent brow ridges — my “heavy regard” that is). on what … Continue reading

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Almost Like Being In Love

i sing, therefore i am. afternoons on island are, once again, all about practice for me. i challenge myself with new harmonies, new songs, scales — the whole nine. and also, vocal workouts — for this is a gig where … Continue reading

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to sleep — perchance, to sing.

…there is a song that I am thinking of. I can’t get it out of my head. but i can’t quite remember what song it is. it is a niggling feeling. like an itch at the back of your throat. … Continue reading

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bravely gone to bed

the third Monday of aabaraki’s stay on the island of St. Barths.  it marks the beginning of our third and final week.  six more gigs (now five, actually) til completion.  its a strange thing to be here so long. to … Continue reading

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